Opportunities for African Kids

Opportunities for African Kids

Now, it is on to the teacher housing and well


Opportunities for African Kids is excited to help the people of Peter Town, Liberia by building a much needed school. We urgently need to help 100 children learn their way out of poverty. Once this school is in place we will also help future generations of children get an education so they too can have a better life for themselves and their families.  We are confident that we have the knowledge, experience and local connections to make this project happen in a timely manner.  Never doubt what a small group of committed people can accomplish!  We invite you to explore our website and join us in this important venture!

We are partnering with the Kiwanis Club of Napa to bring additional funds and volunteers to the project!
Thank you Kiwanis Club of Napa!

Mission Statement
In partnership with African community leaders, we strive to improve the future for African kids by expanding their health, educational and economic opportunities

Core Principles
  • Africans know best what they need.  It is our role to listen and empower them to take action to accomplish their goals
  • It is our role to develop the resources to help accomplish the goals created by our African partners through partnerships, networking and fundraising.

For a brief history of the project---
Here is a sampling of a recent radio interview Sue Dee did with "South Bay Sunday with Sam Van Zandt" on KBAY 94.5 to talk about Opportunities for African Kids and our recent fundraiser
Bricks & Books.  To hear the full interview, CLICK HERE.

First Project

Our first project is located in Peter Town, Liberia, West Africa.  Our President and CEO has a long time friendship with a local leader and he in turn met with the community leaders in Peter Town to determine what their children need most. The children first need safe drinking water from a well, latrines and they need a school.


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