Opportunities for African Kids

Project Description

The Well, Latrines and the School

Our plan is to build the school that this town needs.  They need a school with brick walls, a sturdy metal roof and cement floors.  This will provide the clean and dry setting needed to let these children get the serious education that they desire.  In addition, a hand-pumped well is needed to provide drinking water as well as for use to make the molded bricks, which will be hand-made by the town’s elders.

First the well will be built so that the town’s children have fresh clean water and that water can be used to make the bricks for the school. The well will be dug by local labor at a cost of $450. Material and transportation costs along with a water pump fee add to just under $3,000 for a total cost of $3446.  Latrines will be built at the same time to improve health and sanitation in the town.

The brick school will consist of six classrooms, one for each grade plus latrines, a central kitchen and a well. Plans have been drawn and reviewed by two Americans in the construction trades. The necessary well will be built first as the water is needed by the town people to make the bricks for the buildings. The cost of the school materials, labor and well has been carefully itemized and compiled by Harris and his contacts.  Schools of this design have been constructed in Liberia before so the costs are reliable.

The community will make over 14,000 6" x 8" x 16" inch blocks from a mixture of cement, rock and sand as the basis for the foundation and walls. Needed to purchase first are the wheel barrows, shovels and buckets along with cement and sand so that the brick making can begin. Other building supplies needed are too numerous to mention in total but include steel rods, nails, timber, anchor bolts, zinc sheeting. Once the blocks are made and the five acre site is cleared, an experienced 15 man crew from nearby will actually build the school rooms, latrines and kitchen.  The government said they will provide teachers when the school is completed.

The Project Budget

Building Materials $35,000
Contractor and Labor $20,000
Transportation $ 5,000
Contingency $ 5,500

Total $65,500

Latrines $ 8,000

Desks $ 4,000

Total Cost                             $77,500

Community Contribution

Donate and clear a five acre building site

Create 14,000 mortar bricks

Cut lumber for beams and structure

Paint and maintain buildings
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